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Make your vote count for working families! Support your union’s recommendations in the Primary Elections this August 13, 2016. ILWU members and families are urged to vote for those candidates listed below. Your Political Action Committee made these recommendations after interviewing the candidates and asking them if they would support issues important to working families.

U.S. Senate Brian Schatz
U.S. House
District 2 Tulsi Gabbard
State Senate
District 1 Kaialii Kahele
District 2 Greggor Ilagan
State House
District 1 Mark Nakashima
District 2 Clift Tsuji
District 3 Ainoa Naniole
District 4 Joy San Buenaventura
District 5 Richard Creagan
District 6 Nicole Lowen
District 7 David Tarnas
Mayor Walter Lau
Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney Mitch Roth
Hawaii County Council
District 1 Valerie Poindexter
District 2 Aaron Chung
District 3 Moana Hokoana Kelii
District 5 Danny Paleka
District 6 Maile David
District 7 Dru Kanuha
District 8 Karen Eoff
District 9 Herbert “Tim” Richards
Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee
Molokai Residency Colette Machado
At-Large Haunani Apoliona


OPEN ENDORSEMENT: An “OPEN ENDORSEMENT” means that the Union has no recommendation for the race and members are free to vote for any candidate. However, ILWU officers and stewards should not publicly support any candidate, as that can be seen to mean support by the Union.

Hawaii Division Endorsed Candidates

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