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The ILWU is the only Union in Hawaii with a housing program.

Home ownership is out of reach for most working families, but the ILWU helped thousands of sugar and pineapple members become homeowners through its work at converting plantation housing into fee simple homes. Some examples are:

  • Kapehu, Hawaii
  • Skill Village, Paia, Maui
  • Wiliko, Hanamaulul, Kauai
  • Fernandez Village, Ewa, Oahu

The Union takes advantage of State and Federal programs to develop housing cooperatives and other project aimed at providing low-rent housing for members and retirees. Some examples are:

  • Kona Jack Hall
  • Waipahu Jack Hall
  • Waikoloa “No Na Lima Hana O Waikoloa”

International Representative Tracy Takano serves as the Statewide Housing Coordinator.

Housing Program

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