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The ILWU Membership Services Program helps members get the most from the benefits provided by their Union contract or by government and private agencies. This program is not limited to job-related problems, but will help members and their families with any problem they have, whether at home, in the community, or in school.

ILWU contracts provide many medical, dental and retirement benefits. Sometimes members need advice on how to get the most out of these benefits. Sometimes members have problems, such as being overcharged by a doctor or a hospital. Members should call the Union for help or advice on how to get the most from their union-negotiated benefits.

Members can receive help with benefits provided by law such as workers compensation, unemployment compensation, temporary disability insurance (TDI), or in dealing with government agencies such as Immigration and Naturalization Service, Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. Many times members will only come to the Union after they are denied benefits or something goes wrong. Members should see the Union first before it’s too late.

Personal and family problems may also be referred to Membership Services. the Union maintains close relations with many community welfare and service agencies and can refer members to the appropriate agency for help.

ILWU Membership Services also include a year round sports program, legal advice, UH scholarships, and union news.

Call your Business Agent if you need help or have questions about membership services. He or she will help you directly or put you in touch with the right people in state and community agencies. Your Business Agent may also refer you to the full-time social worker, Joanne Kealoha at the ILWU office in Honolulu.

Membership Services

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